3 Tips on your Journey to successful Marketing Management

BalloonSuccess is a journey and the shortest way to arrive at your destination is usually to plan a couple of things.

Don’t we all want to generate a ton of leads and of course convert most of them, so we can ultimately sell more, more often to more people? If this sounds familiar, read on and enjoy some food for thought…

Most companies’ marketing mix focuses around a combination of great digital presence, social media, SEO, lead generation, email marketing, some traditional media and so goes the list….BUT … before you get all excited and create a website along with a company profile on every single social media platform, appoint a digital supplier and open the tap for thousands of leads… take a deep breath AND a bird’s eye view of your business to ensure you have ticked a couple of boxes:

Set yourself a destination

What is your destination? Do you have a strategy? What are your objectives? What is your plan?

Avoid a shotgun approach and be specific. Social Media for example enjoys great popularity. Do you know who you want to appeal to and why? What is important to your target audience? Which social media channels are most utilised by your target audience? What and how are you communicating with them? It is all too easy to talk at the consumer instead of with the consumer …. SO do you have a content and engagement strategy and most importantly do you know why are you doing what you are doing?

Have a road map

Do you know how to get to your destination? And by that I don’t mean the latest marketing gimmicks that wow your consumers – those are great to get attention and initial excitement – I am talking about your current processes and whether they are optimised to provide the user with a great experience? Do you perhaps require new processes? Which processes complement each other – OR POSSIBLY NOT? Have you ever used a live chat functionality on a website and nobody answers? What a disappointment! But then again what a great opportunity for those companies that have their ducks in a row.

Take a good look at all your existing processes in the business and evaluate if they do in fact present a solid road map to get you to your destination – you may need new shortcuts or take an alternative route at times.

Let me use my favorite example to illustrate what this means practically: Avoid drowning in thousands of leads due to a sub-optimal lead management process which will ultimately result in unhappy clients, a demotivated sales force and an inefficient business!

Navigate to stay ahead

Who are the navigators on your journey? Is it you? Your staff? Your suppliers? Who manages who and does everybody know their KPIs as well as the overall objectives? Can you manage and measure the results? Who is monitoring the latest trends in the market?

Most businesses use an array of suppliers to manage various areas of expertise and then enjoy the false sense of security that all is taken care of. Have you set KPI’s and do you monitor them regularly to identify opportunities for improvement? Does your staff know the bigger picture – the WHY and the HOW questions need to be addressed prior to any and all new marketing activities. It takes constant communication, interaction and checking of KPIs to ensure the performance levels are kept at its highest at all times and there will always be a need to navigate to stay ahead of the game.

Sounds pretty easy right? Well I guess it all depends how big your marketing department is and how much activity is going on. Chances are that you or your marketer are permanently juggling a set of balls in the air with the aim to add more…. SO please contact me if you want to explore what and how I can add value to your business – no matter how big or small – I would love to be a part of it.

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