How to increase sales by simply being Precise and Efficient

Effective Lead Management

handshake-440959_1920You are active in the on- and offline marketing space, consumers are finding your products and services and you are receiving a large heap of leads that keeps your team permanently busy engaging with consumers but somehow the sales are just not coming through? You are on the verge of upping your spend to generate more leads which will hopefully result in more sales. Stop right there and find out how you can increase sales by simply being Precise and Efficient!

Firstly, you need to be PRECISE.

Are you sure you are attracting the right customers? You can re-visit your lost sale reasons to determine if you should change your digital marketing message. Your aim should be to make it easy for customers to decide if you are in fact offering the right solution for their problem.

Including the ‘make or break aspects’, such as minimum age, deposit required or a specific price point in your digital message will not only allow the consumer to filter before engaging it also safes the consumer and you some valuable time.

For example, it is very popular to advertise a low purchase price for products or services to attract consumers to make the initial query – only to find out afterwards, that there are a number of ‘hidden’ charges that need to be added before a transaction can be concluded. Yes, you may find yourself thinking at this point ‘… this is standard industry practise…’ BUT it still ends up being somewhat of a disappointment (or grudge purchase) to the consumer, who had already ticked the price box mentally. On the contrary, you can really score a mile in winning consumer’s hearts, minds and wallets by communicating a realistic purchase price that already includes all ‘hidden’ charges. Yes, you might receive a lesser number of leads but your chances of converting them is higher because you are managing the customer’s expectations a lot better!

Here is a summarized list of questions that will help you gage whether you are indeed precise enough:

WHY: Why do you want to generate leads? This may seem like a silly question but the answer will give you some clear direction for your general approach. Why do you want to sell this specific product or service and not another?

WHO: You need to know your target market for the specific product or service offered. To whom does your product or service add real value? Where and how can you find that audience in the digital space?

WHAT: What do you want to generate? It’s usually quality versus quantity. I recommend you sacrifice some volume to raise the quality of your leads if your aim is to convert more sales.

Being PRECISE will help you generate high-quality leads which are easier to convert into customers. 


Secondly – you need to be EFFICIENT.

Once you have been afforded the opportunity to engage with a consumer directly it’s up to you to perform and proof your worth! Remember, you are most likely not the only one talking to the client as this stage! To make yourself and your people most efficient, you need to have an efficient lead management process and a CRM system!

Map out your lead management process and be sure that everybody knows the process from beginning to end. When, how and by who is the first contact made – and trust me, that’s the simple part! More importantly, what subsequent action needs to be taken when and who is responsible? How many follow up contacts do you cater for and what is your medium of communication?

Remember to cater for process variations, the consumer might purchase immediately, in the near future or not at all – so how are you going to communicate what and when to these consumers? You might realize, you are now entering CRM territory! Which relationships do you wish to nurture going forward and does your CRM programme address this?

And of course, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Make sure you have a CRM system in place to record, track and schedule all lead related activities and key performance indicators in your quest to increase digital conversion.

A smooth lead management process and properly customized CRM system will provide you and your team with the right tools to provide an excellent and efficient handling process of leads, which will undoubtedly result in a greater user experience for the customer and hence have a positive effect on your sales.

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Bringing it all together, a precise marketing message ensures that the right consumer contacts you at the right time (his time) and an efficient lead handling process with an integrated CRM system will assist your team in converting those leads into sales!

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