Social Media Strategy Training: Strategy & Tactics to Drive More Sales

About this Social Media Strategy Training Workshop

There are social media strategies & tactics that can be used to focus and align social media activities and related processes on driving more sales. In this Social Media Strategy Training participants will guided through a 3 step process on how to optimize their social media efforts in order to drive more sales. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who is not aiming to become a social media influencer but would like to leverage social media marketing to drive sales – then this workshop is for you. This workshop was designed in response to recent survey results showing that 50% of entrepreneurs feel their social media activities yield greater awareness but not enough sales.

Takeaways from this Social Media Strategy Training

  • Develop a helicopter view of the social media landscape
  • Analyse your product & audience fit against the platforms
  • Learn the essence of Social Media Marketing
  • Identify sales driver opportunities for your business
  • Develop a plan how to implement & manage

After the workshop you will have a better understanding of the social media landscape in the bigger scheme of digital marketing and in terms of available channels and how they are or aren’t applicable to your business. I use a worksheet to guide you to develop a clear idea about your audience, content, process and distribution. I talk about paid vs non paid social media marketing and how all of this fits into a healthy Marketing Mix. The objective is to align your current efforts to focus on driving sales.

What previous participants say:

“Thank you so much for the insightful workshop. If you have any plans for a more extensive workshop to cover wider topics around digital marketing I will be interested to participate.”

Sharon | IKI


“It was a really good workshop, Franziska. Not too long, interesting and useful! I’m glad I came.”

Lucy | Feng Shui Focus


“Thank you so much! Your workshop was great. I will do more. Really well done.”

Enkhtur | Dream Cake Studio


“Franziska Grobler is amazing, approachable and thoughtful. You need this lady in your life. Thank you for putting yourself out there and providing helpful information for us hat-juggling solo entrepreneurs!” 

Jennifer | Jennifer Lim Art


Please bring a notepad and pen.

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    Social Media Strategy Training

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