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Streamline your Marketing Mix Strategy for 2019

Create an optimized marketing mix that aligns well with your strategy and objectives

Marketing Mix StrategyEvery business will benefit from a well optimized marketing mix strategy to support business development and nurture sales. Its about creating a unique combination of various digital marketing aspects for your business, such as social media marketing, SEO, Email Marketing and aligning them with other key success factors, such as business processes, web design and analytics management.

The creation of a 360 Marketing Mix Strategy includes input with regards to the product, price, place, promotion and process through the following assessments and reviews:

Google Analytics Review / Set-Up

An in-depth review of what marketing tactics have worked in the past, which ones havent and what looks promising. Where does major website traffic originate from, which website pages are most popular and what content is most sought after? How does the average wesite visitor interact with your website and how does that support your business in achieving its sales goals? What can be done to improve results?

SEO Review & Recommendations

Good SEO helps your website to rank higher on the list of Search Engine Results. Some of the basic requirements is adequate on page SEO to ensure the site is easy for search engines to read and process. SEO is a major component of any digital marketing strategy, hence you will be provided with a  SEO audit report to evaluate the current SEO Page Structure of the website. The existence and quality of Meta Title, Description, Image Alt Texts along with other basic requirements will be assessed and recommendations for improvement will be provided.

Keyword Analysis on Google & Social Media

The use of the right keywords is crucial. But which words are the right keywords for your website copy, SEO or social media marketing? That depends. Very often the terminology used for a particular product or service by the consumer is vastly different from the terminilogy used by the supplier. A keyword analysis for average monthly Google searches as well as for social media helps to provide insight in keyword popularity. The results will influence many aspects of your (digital) marketing strategy.

Digital Asset Review 

How well is your website aligned to your marketing strategy and business objectives? Does your website support or hinder sales? Is your social media marketing a result of random thoughts and actions or a carefully constructed set of key messages that you wish to share with your audience. How can all digital assets be optimized to align and support the marketing strategy?

Offline Marketing & Sales Review

What off-line marketing has been done in the past; how did it contribute to Marketing Return on Investment. What processes are in place to manage omni-channel marketing, customer service or sales. Marketing and Sales are often treated as silos but need to be seemlessly integrated.

Identification of Key Performance Indicators

Receive an introduction of the measurement and management of key performance indiciators to drive positive return on marketing investment. What information is important, where can you find it and how to use the data to make marketing decisions on a monhtly basis.

What you walk away with

This 360 Marketing Mix Strategy will enable any business to align its marketing and sales focus through out the year – steering the marketing ship on a flexible yet steady course in support of the overall business goals and objectives.

Whilst it is highly recommended to make use of the complete service, individual services can of couse be provided upon request.

“Some of these (tips) were so simple that I was like… seriously why had I not realised this!! But when you are in too deep you need an objective set of eyes / mind to evaluate and help prioritise…so thank you so much.”

Last week I was feeling overwhelmed, today, I am feeling hugely invigorated following our meeting yesterday!

E.F., Nüwa

I can highly recommend Franziska Grobler. She is a real pleasure to work with and has given me lots of great ideas and suggestions for my business.

L.R., Feng Shui Focus

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