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Some of the Client Feedback
I’ve received

Last week I was feeling overwhelmed, today, I am feeling hugely invigorated following our meeting yesterday! 🙂 (via email)

E.F. | Nüwa

I can highly recommend Franziska Grobler. She is a real pleasure to work with and has given me lots of great ideas and suggestions for my business.

 Lucy Schröter Richardson | Feng Shui Focus 

Some of these (tips) were so simple that I was like… seriously why had I not realised this!! But when you are in too deep you need an objective set of eyes / mind to evaluate and help prioritise…so thank you so much.

Tanya Soman | Fusspot & Foodie

(after a marketing mix strategy analysis)

When the pressure was on to get our recently launched site full functioning I needed help on getting the site ready from a SEO point of view. I found Franziska to be the only one of those I spoke with who was able to break the subject down, share what she would do and by when. Her clear no nonsense approach cuts through straight to the issue in hand. We time lined the needs and she achieved the results ahead of time. Can’t really ask for for more from someone helping your business than this.

DAVID WARD | YogiGlobal

I heard of Franziska through a customer of hers who had reported a very positive experience of website service. For myself, I have been using Franziska’s advice on marketing and design and appreciate her pragmatic, straight-to-the-point approach and feedback. Her year-long experience in big corporations enables her to understand the customers’ view and to respond well to their needs.

Katia Barthélémy | Translator

It was great! I learnt a lot and it gave me 2 hours to actually focus on one thing I really need to do.

Chantal Tavers | Emperor’s Attic former Fairprice Antique

(after Social Media Stategy Workshop)

It was a really good workshop, Franziska. Not too long, interesting and useful! I’m glad I came.

Lucy Schröter Richardson | Feng Shui Focus 

(after Social Media Strategy Workshop)

Franziska Grobler is amazing, approachable and thoughtful. You need this lady in your life. Thank you for putting yourself out there and providing helpful information for us hat-juggling solo entrepreneurs!

Jennifer Lim | Jennifer Lim Art

(after Social Media Stategy Workshop)

I was very impressed by how your source / resources came out on that evening. It was like a Universal stream of information was coming out of you and helping all of us. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ll definitely take it on my journey with me.

Lenny Suijkerbuijk  

(after a BWNSG brainstorming session)

Thank you so much! Your workshop was great. I will do more. Really well done.

Enkhtur Maini, Dream Cake Studio

(after Social Media Stategy Workshop)

Thank you so much for the insightful workshop. If you have any plans for a more extensive workshop to cover wider topics around digital marketing I will be interested to participate.

Sharon | IKI 

(after Social Media Stategy Workshop)

Very responsive and easy to work with. Delivered a quality product including marketing brochure and website.

Rob James | Whiteridge-SP 

Can’t say enough about Jadeways Solutions. They have been a huge help in helping our sales and marketing campaigns and also with our website development and maintenance. I highly recommend Jadeways Solutions.

Charlie Brazier | ClubCo and Club Meatballs 

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