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Training is available in form of Group Workshops or Private Training Sessions

I love teaching others, I have tons of patience and many many years of practice and experience in marketing. I have met so many inspriring, talented and passionate entrepreneurs – each of them with a different expertise – some special skill-set they really excel in and which they managed to successfully turn into a business. It brings me great joy to train and coach these small to medium sized business owners and their staff and getting to know everyone’s unique and inspiring story along the way.

Private Training Sessions

I provide training for many small to medium sized businesses on marketing related topics. This can either take place in person at the clients office or preferred location or digital – using shared screen Zoom VC call sessions. Both methods are highly effective and me to provide an accelerated learning experience on tailored marketing related topics such as:

  • how to navigate and utilize the social media landscape effectively

  • how to link desktop and mobile Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • how to update your Instagram bio

  • how to use Instagram story features

  • how to find effective Instagram hashtags

  • how to create a social media strategy that helps achieve my business goals

  • how to use email marketing

  • how to set up mailchimp automations

  • how to edit or maintain my WordPress or Wix website

  • how to use Google Analytics to benefit my business

  • How to manage Google Ads for my business without wasting money

If you are in need for some quick and straight-forward training at affordable rates and billed by the minute, please reach out to me with your requirements here.

Group Training Workshops: Marketing Your Business

A range of training workshops are listed below. Training vouchers can be purchased online or you can register your interest to be notified of upcoming training dates. Can’t wait? If you require immediate assistance with any marketing related topics contact me for a personal coaching session to benefit from my undivided attention.

Social Media Strategy Training: Strategy & Tactics to Drive More Sales

About this Social Media Strategy Training Workshop There are social media strategies & tactics that can be used to focus and align social media activities and related processes on driving more sales. In this Social Media Strategy Training participants will guided through a 3 step process on how to optimize their social media efforts in order to drive more sales. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who is not aiming to become a social media influencer but would [...]

Google Analytics Training: Using Data To Grow Your Business

About the Google Analytics Training Workshop In this 4h workshop you will learn how to measure which digital channels give you the best return for your marketing efforts and spend. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to leverage Google Analytics to your advantage. You will analyze one month of data for your business during this workshop and gain practical tips and insights how to utilize the data to make marketing [...]

Google Ads Training: From Account Set Up to Ad Launch in 4h

About this Google Ads Training Workshop In this 4h workshop you will learn all the key aspects about how to use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website.  This hands-on Google Ads training workshop will teach you how to set up your Google Ads account, navigate the landscape of campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and conversions. By the end of this workshop you will be ready to launch your tailored Google Ads [...]