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Knock Knock. Who is talking?

Franziska Grobler, Founder & CEO of Jadeways Solutions, is currently working with a range of entrepreneurs to focus their online and offline marketing efforts on achieving more sales.
Franziska previously worked in the automotive retail industry, heading up Sales & Marketing for 11 years. Besides managing the traditional above and below the line marketing spectrum from A to Z for up to 100 retailers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Toyota, she also spear-headed some really exciting marketing and sales integrated digital transformation projects such as Point of Sale & CRM System roll-out and utilization, the set up of virtual sales departments, online vehicle search engines and national lead management call centers.
She now draws on her extensive retail and brand marketing exposure, experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to drive more sales through their marketing efforts.

Connect with her on LinkedIn linkedin_logo_301730188458_640x360 for easy future reference or to read more details about her background, career and qualifications.


What others say about me.

” Franziska is an energetic and motivated self starter, with a broad knowledge of traditional and digital marketing,,,”.
Rob Truscott, Managing Director at Imperial Automotive Retail
“…she is very strategic, analytical, self driven and has excellent communication and computer skills…”
Allan Ingham-Brown, Management Consultant & prev HR Director at Cargo Motors
“Franziska delivers on the full customer experience, she manages her work according to schedule and delivers specific identifiable results!!!!”
Niki Cronje, Head of Group Marketing at Imperial Group
” …She comes highly recommended and will make a huge contribution to any business she works for.”
Allan Ingham-Brown, Management Consultant & prev HR Director at Cargo Motors
” … [Franziska] can be relied upon to deliver high quality results.”
Rob Truscott, Managing Director at Imperial Automotive Retail

“Thank you so much for your loyal and prompt services! …I appreciate your great work and support on my website.”

L. Richardson, Feng Shui Focus

“Very responsive and easy to work with. Delivered a quality product including marketing brochure and website.”

R. Campkin, Whiteridge-SP

“Can’t say enough about Jadeways Solutions. They have been a huge help in helping our sales and marketing campaigns and also with our website development and maintenance. I highly recommend Jadeways Solutions.”

C. Brazier, ClubCo
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